Contact Capture for WinSearch Users!

Freedom from data entry!

Free yourself from endlessly copying and pasting contact information from email signatures, web pages, lists, and other documents into WinSearch.

Contact Capture from Broadlook is free! To use it, highlight contact information and tap the “c” key twice on your keyboard. Next, press a button and send it into WinSearch. Instantly, all of the contact data will be added, seamlessly into WinSearch according to your data standards.

Get Contact Capture For Free *

Your free download comes with a one year license backed up with email access to our Broadlook support team. At the end of the year you simply need to register the program again in order to continue using it. There is no cost associated with Contact Capture – just weeks of annual time savings that make a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

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* Free software does not include phone support. If you have any technical problems, please email cs@broadlook.com.