Support and Training

Purchasing products from Broadlook gives you more than just cutting edge research technology, you also get access to world class support and training. You get training videos, interactive tutorials, document cheat sheets, E-books, archived webinars, presentations and more. If you require technical support you can send an email to, fill out the online form, or call us toll free at: 877-977-8080.

Live Training

In addition to all of these resources you get full access to Broadlook University’s Lab sessions. The Lab sessions format is simple. Broadlook users sign up for sessions delivered via GoToMeeting, and instead of a lectures, we begin an open forum “Q&A” session on individual projects and examples, relevant to that labs core subject matter.

Participants are encouraged to submit their requests prior to the start of the session via the email provided during registration. Questions are answered on a first come, first served basis.

Be sure to visit the Broadlook University this month, and register for a session. Your participation and feedback are welcomed and encouraged!