Internet Research Software for Venture Capital Firms
Venture Capitalists Use Our Solution to:
  • Discover new companies and verticals to invest in.
  • Mine the contact information of key executives and decision-makers.
Comprehensive, Current, Experienced
  • Find opportunities from the largest known data source in the world.
    The best opportunities for investment are companies that are flying below the radar. Our solutions allow our clients to search websites, blogs, newsgroups, and other Internet sources for investment opportunities that fit their portfolio. With over 16 million company websites, the Internet is a valuable source for finding opportunities to drive portfolio returns.
  • Build niche lists of investment opportunities
    Our solutions find and build lists of companies based on the user’s expertise in a given industry. They also allow our clients to refine their lists and to search the Internet for contacts at the companies on their lists.
  • Training and Support
    We provide ongoing training and support to help you unlock the full power of our tools, making the Internet a great source for investment opportunities. We host regular online training sessions and provide every one of our clients with a Client Relations Manager, who is responsible for their Broadlook Experience.