Market Research Tools to Build a Targeted Campaign
  • Extend the Reach of Your Company
    Our solution for market researchers allows you to build lists of companies that fit a marketing campaign. We also help identify contact information for those companies by searching websites, blogs, newsgroups, and other Internet sources. With over 16 million company websites, the Internet is a rich source of opportunity for extending the reach of your company.
  • Build a Marketing Campaign
    Know of a great association, tradeshow directory, or industry-specific directory? Our Eclipse tool can effectively capture, parse, and export valuable data to our Profiler tool. Profiler can then search the Internet for contacts at the companies on your list.
  • Training and Support
    We provide ongoing training and support to help you unlock the full power of our tools, making the Internet a great source for leads. We host regular online training sessions and provide every one of our clients with a Client Relations Manager, who is responsible for their Broadlook Experience.
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