Recruiting Software to Capture Candidates from the Internet
The Largest Data Source in the World
Our solutions for recruiters take advantage of the vast amount of data available on the Internet. Over 16 million companies have a presence on the Internet. In addition, there are millions of blogs, newsgroups, associations, tradeshows and online directories on the Internet. We help turn all of this into actionable information by getting you to what you need faster than other recruiting software tools.
Recruiters use Broadlook software to :
  • Discover – Discover opportunities and industry trends by monitoring job boards and company websites.
  • Market – Download marketing contacts found on the internet into your Applicant Tracking System.
  • Source – Capture candidates from associations, corporate websites, forums, blogs, and news articles.
Our experience in the recruiting space led us to develop a solution that delivers greater efficiency when searching for candidates. We started as a recruiting firm, so we understand the importance of being on the phone. We develop tools that automate the search process, allowing you to spend more time on the phone.
Training and Support
We provide ongoing training and support to help you unlock the full power of our recruiting software, making you a better Internet researcher. We host regular online training sessions and provide every one of our clients with a Client Relations Manager, who is responsible for their Broadlook experience. Capture and Download Directly to Your Applicant Tracking Database
Capture and Download Directly to Your Applicant Tracking Database