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Leveraging the Internet as the largest and most dynamic information source available, Broadlook Profiler provides a single interface to perform real-time research of company web sites and deep web sources to identify key contacts, influencers and opportunities.

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Sales professionals often spend 25% of their time performing due-diligence for sales call preparation. Profiler reduces that time by 80% or more, increasing time for selling instead of researching.


Profiler finds the latest press releases, newest contacts, and most recent news on clients and prospects. More information means better relationships and better response time to emerging sales opportunities.


You will never have to type the information Profiler finds into your database. Profiler connects to the top CRM and Applicant Tracking Systems to seamlessly transfer contact information.


Whether you are in sales, marketing, or recruiting – having the right information on trends, companies, and people is the lifeblood of your business. The challenge: bringing together the information you need, while eliminating wasted sales time, bad information, and late nights. Before ProfilerX, top performers went to business databases like Hoovers (traditional sources), checked the social networks (non-traditional sources) for possible contacts and contact strategies. Then then went to corporate websites, newsgroups, and press releases to get the rich, dynamic information. Even if you had all these sources readily available, you would still have to manually visit each source, research the information, bring it together, then get it into your workflow– that is, until now! View the ProfilerX Video


An Evolution

The game has changed. Imagine having dynamic company and contact intelligence from corporate websites, news groups, and PDF’s, brought together with sources like Hoovers, or social network public profiles from LinkedIn – all combined in one place – with all the reference points at your fingertips. ProfilerX brings it to you – so you can know everything. Now you can target companies, and their competition, by company size, number of employees, R&D expenses, gross revenues, and more. Get the critical, dynamic information your competitors don’t have.  

The X Factor

The best of traditional and non-traditional sources are now in one place, at the click of a button. ProfilerX combines the best dynamic Internet information with traditional business database sources, including Hoover’s Online Database, and popular social networking profiles like LinkedIn, to deliver deeper, real-time company and contact information. ProfilerX mines thousands of pages of company information to quickly return names, titles, email addresses, phone numbers, bios, media mentions, and more. By eliminating research time and providing targeted information, top performers can spend more time building business. ProfilerX brings it all together, with a simple export to the top CRM and ATS systems. Get the up-to-date information you need brought seamlessly into your workflow – and skip the endless hours of research and data entry.