Data just right

Broadlook Market Mapper is a breakthrough company list generation solution. Using SIC codes, subscribing to ASP services and purchasing CD’s is prehistoric. Market Mapper enables you to build your own targeted sales and marketing list within any niche. The best thing is that once you build the list, you own it. No more paying fees to list brokers for worthless, outdated information.

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Targeted Data

If you use traditional list services, you will be asked for an Industry Classification (SIC or NAICS Code). These classification codes are very broad and often contain companies that have nothing to do with what you need.


Identifying the right companies from a broad classification is a pain. Not only do you spend money for information you don’t need, now you have to dedicate hours of time in order to sift through that mound of data to find the information you want.


Your ideal prospect has already provided what you need to pick them out of the crowd. Companies on the Internet describe exactly what they do on their Home and About Us pages. That’s where Market Mapper comes in.
You could use search engines to create a list, but how then would you get rid of all the irrelevant references to YouTube or other unrelated search results? Market Mapper has intelligence that filters out that search engine noise.

Own your Results

With Market Mapper, you create the niche list you need. Since you created the list based on the terms that are important to you, you have a proprietary list – one that no one else has. Never pay a list broker again.

Market Mapper Features

  • Define your own search criteria no – matter how specific.
  • Find companies based on how a company describes itself.
  • Search niche markets hundreds of times more specific than SIC codes.