Job Boards Aggregated

Job Pulse is a desktop software tool that makes searching and archiving job postings from 1000′s of sources as simple and painless as a few clicks. Job postings from all across the web are now at your fingertips!

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1000′s of job boards, one program

It is more critical than ever to stay ahead of the competition, and Job Pulse does just that. For IT consulting companies, having a candidate on the bench is the most expensive thing to do. For recruiting firms, searching for positions is time-consuming and costly. Job Pulse can streamline both processes quickly and easily.

  • Know which companies are hiring, and for what positions.
  • Match your current candidate database to the latest job openings.
  • Never have to scan the job boards for business development material again!

Job Pulse integrates seamlessly with all of your existing Broadlook software. Once you have identified a job posting of value the natural next step is to find the HR or critical contacts at that company. Job Pulse allows you to export company information into Broadlook Profiler which will research the Internet for contact information connected to the relative companies.