Lists into Leads

Eclipse is a data capture tool specifically built to quickly capture, sort, and export online lists of companies and contacts. Online lists such as employee directories, association membership listings, chamber of commerce directories, password accessed lists, and even online profiles behind links can now be turned into sales leads that flow seamlessly into your database or CRM.

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There are millions of free lists on the Internet full of companies and people, Eclipse allows you to capture this data in seconds! Once the data is captured, Eclipse provides powerful and user-friendly analyzing and formatting functions. Easier than Excel, users can organize the data they need before exporting to their target.

The Internet has thousands of free sources made up of unique lists, niche directories, even trade show listings that have vital information to grow your business. The information is great, but tapping into these sources of information can be time consuming and even daunting.

Eclipse is the answer for any site with structured information. Simply open Eclipse, select a sample line and tell Eclipse to do the rest. With its three-step process, Eclipse lets you retrieve, analyze, and extract just the information you want. **Insert screen shot of a directory


You found a killer listing. It has literally hundreds of links with all the structured information you want. You find company information, names, phone numbers, e-mails, and other key information. You could drill down, link after link, cutting and pasting the information you need, but that would take hours. There has to be a better way – and there is. Eclipse can intelligently go through all of these links and recognize emails, addresses, phone numbers, and titles and then export the data into a list of usable data in minutes, not hours.

Automation & Integration

Internet sources are dynamic. Why go back and manually “Eclipse” sites you want to revisit again and again for fresh information? With special features like macros, you can simply do the steps once, record, and the next time just push “play.”

Eclipse turns online company and contact lists into sales and marketing leads, connecting directly to programs such as Excel, Outlook, and over 50 different CRM and ATS systems.