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Access up-to-date information for high quality leads with the Broadlook CRM Suite. Broadlook’s tools integrate seamlessly with some of today’s most popular CRMs, allowing you access to powerful, live data, fresh from the internet directly into your CRM. The data will be standardized and ready to use in your CRM right away. Watch some videos, test out the software, and see how Broadlook can take you to the next level of productivity.

profilerLogoCRM Profiler

“Fresh B2B data like you have never seen.”

CRM Profiler generates up-to-the-minute contact information from all major internet sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It captures lead information, compares it with your current database, and scores each record.

Benefits: CRM Profiler pulls fresh B2B data automatically, giving your sales team confidence in their CRM data to help them close more deals.

CRM ShieldCRM Shield “Eliminate duplicate data forever.”

CRM Shield automatically places an invisible protective layer around Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Benefits: CRM Shield saves your sales representatives time by constantly keeping your CRM data clean, accurate, and duplicate free.

CRM Contact CaptureCRM Contact Capture “What are you paying your sales people to do?”

CRM Contact Capture automates and standardizes the entry of contact information into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Benefits: Through a simple copy and paste, you can enter accurate, standardized, and optimized contact information into Microsoft Dynamics CRM that requires little-to-no manual editing and eliminates confusion.

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“The greatest marketing challenge that B2B organizations face is generating high quality leads..”

~2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report

Marketing Challenges

Q: Which of the following marketing challenges are currently most pertinent to your organization?

A: 78% of companies surveyed identified "Generating high quality leads" as the most pertinent challenge to their organizations. This was a 10% increase from 2009. Broadlook's tools address this growing concern better than any other research tool in the market.