Broadlook Technologies announces release of the next generation of Broadlook’s CRM Data Quality Suite for Microsoft Dynamics Product suite features a powerful set of tools to improve contact data quality and sales productivity for users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, addressing the question “How do I ensure I have relevant and fresh contact data whenever I need it?”

Milwaukee, WI – September 12th, 2013 – Broadlook Technologies, Inc., today announced the immediate availability of the next generation of their CRM Data Quality Suite for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This cloud-based solution, allowing users to mine the Internet for contact information, has been integrated seamlessly into the Dynamics ecosystem to help users achieve peak sales and positive customer experience by ensuring quality contact and list integrity throughout all stages of the sales, marketing and customer support cycle.

Data quality is a key success factor for CRM implementations and can directly impact campaign effectiveness, especially in the business to business (B2B) market where keeping up with rapid market, business and organizational change is important to maintaining contact and list integrity.

The correlation between data quality in CRM systems and peak sales and marketing performance is well documented. Noted research firm SiriusDecisions has indicated salespeople can spend as much as 29% of their time searching the Internet for contact information rather than directly engaged in selling activities 1, while “a strong organization can realize nearly 70 percent more revenue than an average organization purely based on data quality.”

“Broadlook data apps are a critical part of our lead generation and marketing strategy,” commented John Gravely, CEO of ClickDimensions, the leading choice for marketing automation in the Dynamics CRM community, and a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution of the Year winner. “The ClickDimensions sales team and sales processes are built around our use of Broadlook’s best of breed contact data intelligence and data quality applications. Broadlook has been a key to our rapid growth.”

CRM data quality is impacted by natural data decay, ongoing manual data entry and updates, frequent list uploads and lack of data standards. Broadlook’s comprehensive CRM Data Quality Suite addresses these issues head-on, operates natively within the Dynamics environment and is powerful, affordable and easy to use:

  • Contact Capture for Dynamics streamlines the importing of individual and group contacts, allowing users to copy, paste and parse contact information from any digital source, eliminating the need for manual typed entries in to the system;
  • Shield for Dynamics allows users to create and enforce enterprise-wide normalization standards through a web-based interface, assuring compliance with internal normalization, CRM, Business Rules and Data Governance policies;
  • Multi-Merge for Dynamics offers a new interface for intelligently selecting master record data and merging multiple records in duplicate groups, providing a solution that is far more versatile than the native Dynamics feature;
  • Profiler for Dynamics enables automatic maintenance, enrichment and discovery of contact level data. Using the Internet as a data-mining resource and Dynamics workflow engines to automatically keep contact list data relevant and fresh, Broadlook’s flagship application presents contact information directly within Dynamics CRM through the Profiler Grid.

“With this release of our CRM Data Quality Suite for Microsoft Dynamics, and its ease of installation, with just a few clicks any enterprise using Dynamics CRM can have the world’s most powerful contact data technology at their fingertips, seamlessly integrated in Dynamics” said Donato Diorio, CEO of Broadlook. “Industry analysts and members of the VC community have anticipated data science and management tools would go mainstream and become business-ready in the coming years. With the release of our CRM Data Quality Suite, we’ve shown that time is now.”

Broadlook’s CRM Data Quality Suite is designed for users asking the question “How do I ensure I have relevant and fresh contact data whenever I need it?” and can be directly installed by end-user sales and marketing organizations or through Microsoft Dynamic partners who are providing their customers complete solutions.

About Broadlook

Broadlook Technologies, Inc. develops innovative solutions that enable fast capture of contacts, the import, cleansing and maintenance of contact lists, and the automatic discovery of relevant updates designed to keep list data accurate and provide reliable, just-in-time quality information to today’s leading CRM, Sales, Marketing Automation Systems, Recruitment and B2B data providers and consumers.

About ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions ® is the highest rated marketing solution on Microsoft’s Dynamics Marketplace. Providing email marketing, web tracking, lead scoring, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture, surveys and more ClickDimensions allows organizations to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions.

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