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May 2012

Stunned by a Six Year-Old

 Different Mindsets

When a child approaches a new task, they harbor no preconception of how to do it or what solutions are required… they go for it. They tackle it with an open mind.They figure out how to solve the problem – one step at a time. Experimentation and reconfiguration: the heart of creativity. As adults, we have the advantage of a mental database we consistently turn to for answers.

Niche Company List Mastery. It’s Easy!

 Market Mapper Logo

Having success using SIC and NAICS codes to target your market? Don’t worry, nobody else is either. SIC codes haven’t been updated in 25 years. (Yes, the same 25 years that have seen fundamental shifts in business coupled with an explosion of new technologies.) NAICS codes, on the other hand, get updated every 5 years so you would think that relevant categories would be pulled. Unfortunately, looking at the new codes for 2012 would have you double checking to make sure you had pulled the right decade. Wait, make that century. New codes for 2012 include; Knit Fabric Mills, Curtain and Linen Mills, and Tobacco Manufacturing.

Client Story: Children of Fallen Soldiers (an Amazing Non-Profit)

 Children of Fallen Soldiers

Through a combination of Profiler, Eclipse and Market Mapper, COFS has not only developed a nationwide support network, they have furthered their drive to collect Expressions of Acknowledgement, or EOAs, from across the country. EOAs are videos, letters, postcards or another creative expression from individuals across the county to children who have lost a parent in service of the nation.