Automated Data Quality for Sales, Marketing and Customer Support

Broadlook for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Streamline the importing of Contact Information, assure compliance with Master Data Management standards, merge up to 100 records into one; and automatically maintain, enrich, and discover contact level data.

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John Gravely
CEO, ClickDimensions

“Broadlook … a key to our rapid growth.”

“Broadlook data apps are a critical part of our lead generation and marketing strategy. The ClickDimensions sales team and sales processes are built around our use of Broadlook’s best of breed contact data intelligence and data quality applications. Broadlook has been a key to our rapid growth”.

The Applications of the Data Suite for Microsoft Dynamics

Profiler for Dynamics CRM

Profiler has been at the heart of Broadlook’s desktop technology for the last 10 years, saving customers thousands of hours of time. With recent advances in cloud technology Profiler can finally come online. Microsoft Dynamics users can now have a completely automated data enrichment machine right inside of Dynamics CRM. Research companies, find additional contacts, get bios for those contacts, find the most up to date information, and build powerful workflows to automate the research of inbound leads.

Contact Capture for Dynamics CRM

Anything that takes your team away from the sales process is damaging your bottom line. One of those tasks is manual data entry, adding up to hours and hours of lost productivity every year. We decided to automate the process of entering data into CRM. Copy and paste an email signature, spreadsheet of contacts, a directory listing, or any contact information you find online and Contact Capture will automatically enter data into the appropriate fields and create a lead, contact, or account. What took minutes can be done in seconds!

Shield for Dynamics CRM

Keeping your data normalized will dramatically improve the health of your CRM and the efficiency of your team. What is Normalization? Think of it as standards enforcement for certain types of information. For example, there are multiple ways someone may write the title “Marketing Director” (Director of Marketing, Marketing Director, Dir Mktg) and if these aren’t standardized you could building incomplete marketing lists, de-duping will be nearly impossible, and reporting will be difficult and inaccurate. Shield will standardize all of these possible variations of titles, addresses, names, company names, and more to a scheme you select.

Multi-Merge for Dynamics CRM

Have you tried to merge records in Dynamics? Did you worry about the data you were losing when picking all or nothing on every field? Have you tried to merge more than two? You can’t. Multi-Merge solves all of these problems. Description fields can be truly merged, you can work with up to 100 records at a time, and you can customize information in fields as you merge.