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Corporate Recruiting Case Study – aQuantive

The Challenge: At the core, aQuantive is a technology company. The company has experienced success in the market and continues to see significant growth. They have a regular need to source candidates in a very competitive IT market, where finding people with the right skills can be a significant challenge. aQuantive found that one method for acquiring key hires is to set up events. The events have proven to be a good forum to encourage passive and active candidates with the right skills to find out about opportunities with aQuantive, which have lead to many key hires for the company. The challenge with these events, and aQuantive’s other sourcing activities, is to find timely, accurate information on potential candidates and connect with them.

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Agency Recruiting Case Study – Dalton Boggs

The Challenge: A key to the success of Dalton Boggs is their extensive network. Their network is dynamic, and needs to be continually grown, expanded and to have the most up-to-date information. Dalton Boggs knew the largest and most dynamic source of information is the Internet. The challenge facing them was to tap this vast and growing source of intelligence in a targeted way. Critical to their needs was the ability to leverage sources that are virtually unknown to their competitors.

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