Brittenford Systems
“Before Broadlook, we were paying over two dollars per lead for inaccurate information that we could only use once. Now we have rich, highly accurate information on multiple points of contact that we can use and update any time we want.”
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Burke Research Services
“ProfilerX has paid for itself in about 5 weeks…Broadlook blows everything else away.”
Burke Research Services – Full story
“We used to spend hours targeting companies and finding the right information. With Broadlook we can do the same thing in minutes.”
Dayak – Full story
“CRM Suite has brought in between 400-600 new contacts for us just over the past 2-3 weeks!”
extreme – Full story
Miles Technologies
“Including labor and other related expenses, using Broadlook saves us over $200,000 per year versus other high value marketing alternatives that would produce similar results.”
Miles Technologies – Full story
Rare Agent
“From contact venues, to using peer influence, industry knowledge, and prospect knowledge, the approach engaged me and compelled me through the sales process.”
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