Our solutions for recruiters take the vast amount of data available on the Internet and turn it into actionable information faster than any other recruiting software tool. Over 16 million companies have a presence on the Internet, not to mention the millions of blogs, newsgroups, associations, trade shows, and online directories on the Internet. Our recruiting clients have experienced great successes over the years, read their stories below.

aQuantive Reduces Research Costs by 80%

“Prior to selecting Broadlook, aQuantive paid for research services externally. “On top of the quick return on investment we have seen from just one event, aQuantive has also realized a significant reduction in overall costs.”
aQuantive – Full story

Barton Associates uses Broadlook to Drive Revenue

“The biggest win with Broadlook was building lists, not only for the businesses we work with, but with potential companies as well,” says Stephen Ochs, Marketing Operations Analyst at Barton Associates
Barton Associates – Full story

Cerebral Sage

“In the past, we had to go to multiple sources to get the information we needed. While the Internet had great information, tapping it was eating up valuable time for our business. Now, we have multiple sources of real-time information brought together in one place, in a fraction of the time.”
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“Greater efficiency in research is just one of the benefits. We’ve also improved our screening processes with the higher quality of intelligence collected, which has given us a clear competitive edge. I almost hesitate to give away our secret weapon! However, we’re so pleased with our results; we want to thank Broadlook for their innovative software.”
Citak – Full story

Dalton Boggs

“For us, it is all about having a deep network of highly qualified candidates,” said David Boggs, Managing Partner. “With the Broadlook solution, we have tripled our network of qualified candidates in just over one year.”
Dalton Boggs – Full story

Diversified Industrial Staffing

The change for DIS has not only been seen in the composition of their sales team, but in their effectiveness. “In the last six months, we have closed 23 placements. Of the 23 placements, 20 of them can be directly attributed to our use of the Broadlook tools.”
Diversified – Full story

Executech Search

“Profiler is a robust tool that helps me work leanly. In the last two months, I’ve placed six candidates in $100K-type positions. I presented these candidates within five days, using Profiler as my research engine.”
Executech – Full story

Financial Institution

“Broadlook has transformed what we are able to do. I can now handle far more requisitions in a shorter amount of time, find more truly qualified candidate faster, and have turned into the expert on how to get information. The end result is that I have a much greater impact for my company as a whole.”
Financial Institution – Full story

Jack De Jong Group

“I highly recommend Broadlook solutions, and want to give a specific commendation to the training team who has done a magnificent job of keeping us informed of best practices in Internet search techniques, catered to our ever-evolving profession.”
Jack de Jong – Full story


“The business impact for Microsoft started with making the effort to tap the vast information of the Internet practical and manageable. “The process before the Broadlook Suite was painful, time consuming, and expensive,” said Alex. “If you are sourcing at the scale we are, Broadlook’s capabilities are indispensable. It does not make sense to do it any other way.”
Microsoft – Full story

Proven Method

“Before Broadlook, it would take me hours to go through link by link, sifting information to find what I needed, and then cutting and pasting it into our systems. Now I can get the information I need in minutes instead of hours. We would not be able to have near the level of success without it.”
Proven Method – Full story

Sun Search

“One placement gives you a 100% return on investment. To me, it is a no brainer. If you can’t get one more placement a year using tools like Broadlook, you should not be in the business.”
Sun Search – Full story

TAC Worldwide

“I can’t tell you the number of sources that, before Broadlook, were a manual cut and paste process. A search that took us four days to be ready to get on the phones now takes a few hours. Now we can spend our time on the phones, instead of manually gathering data in tables for days. The BroadlookSuite has paid for itself over and over.”
TAC Worldwide – Full story


“For two recent job orders, we have been able to identify 70 qualified candidates. These candidates were not in our database and needed to have a very specific skill. Using Broadlook and the methods they teach, we identified great passive candidates and our efforts could be measured in hours, instead of days. The combination of the right tools and training makes all the difference.”
Talsco – Full story