Asigra Fuels Sales Team with 36,000 Qualified Leads


“Our sales reps no longer need to spend precious time manually researching for the right information. With Broadlook, they are on the phones generating revenue and engaging our future customers.”
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Atticus Lead Generation Hits the Mark with 1/10th the Effort
“Any company without sophisticated lead generation today is likely to fail. You either systematically target your market and tenaciously pursue them, or you will be approaching businesses that have an entrenched solution. In either case, the right information is critical. Broadlook gets us in the front door.”
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Bulldog Reporter Reduces Lead Costs by 90%
“Before, we were limited by time and resources. Now, the possibilities we have are endless. Any marketer that sees what Broadlook’s Suite can do will be blown away. The products paid for themselves in one month.”
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Hire a Hero Quadruples Results in 1 Month
“By adding Broadlook’s capabilities into the equation, we were able to achieve a return on our investment in just over two weeks.”
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POC Online Abandons Lists; Drives Sales
“We went from paying for stale, ineffective lists to having the relevant and accurate information we need. Why pay for lists, when you can get much higher quality information at a fraction of the cost.”
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