How It Works

Work Smart, Stay Focused

Capture is the fastest way to move contact data into your database. Incomplete contact information? No problem. Capture! automates the research process appending missing emails, phone numbers and addresses. Capture! helps you work smart. It is so easy, you may forget you are using it.

Capture Contacts from Anywhere

Gone are the days of cut and paste, manual research, data overload and technology distraction. Capture! seamlessly leverages data from any source, such as:

  • Email signatures and email archives
  • Team and management web pages
  • Search engine results
  • Excel, Google spreadsheets, PowerPoint and PDFs
  • Social networks
  • Resumes and job boards

Did We Mention That It's Easy?

Capture! is a Chrome plugin. You can install it while holding your breath. Once installed, Capture! is always easy to access and ready to help. It is designed to easily work with your CRM or applicant tracking system. If your system is not yet supported, call us and we'll make it happen.





The Distraction Dilemma

It sounds like an episode from the Big Bang Theory: Technology done right should keep you focused and on task. What happens when you come across that perfect contact that you immediately want to engage with? First, you should yell out loud in triumph. But then what? The problem? You have her name, title and company, but not her email, phone number or social profile.

This is the distraction dilemma. 30% of a sales rep's time is spent doing manual research on the Internet.

Most people will stop what they are doing and start searching for the missing contact information. Before they know it, five or ten minutes have passed and they've lost focus. Distractions are productivity killers.

Automated Research with Capture!

Capture! automates the research process. When requested, Capture! will access multiple proprietary databases in real time, and crawl the Internet looking to fill in missing contact information. Seconds later, you will have the complete contact information. When this happens, it's OK to yell, "Capture!" for all your coworkers to hear. They'll gather 'round and learn from you, now that you're the master of contact data.





What Enterprise CRM/ATS Platforms Forgot

After a single year of entering data, every major CRM and applicant tracking system will have data quality problems.  The reason: CRMs are not designed to keep your data clean. These problems have three flavors:

  • Lack of data standards
  • Duplicate data
  • Outdated contact data

Capture! solves these problems and will be your CRM's new best friend. Adopting Capture! will enforce data standards, remove duplicates, and add net new contacts to your database.

Data Shield

Data Shield is a patent-pending technology that automatically enforces data standards. Once configured, every single person across your company will be data cleansing. It requires no training. Data Shield is a one-time setup by your CRM administrator. It takes five minutes. See it here. 


Have you ever come across a "new" contact, but you already have some of their information in your CRM? This is considered a duplicate, and at this point, most people just add the duplicate record and hope no one is watching. Capture! is watching and will come to your rescue. When Capture! detects a duplicate, it will give you the option to view both records -- old and new -- side by side. This is called Multi-Merge and it's very simple to use. With one click, you can merge the existing record and new record resulting in a single, updated record.





Your Success Roadmap 

Maybe you are a search engine expert doing a reverse Google x-ray search on an Internet community of marketing automation gurus. Maybe it's not your forte, and you search for this information once per month or quarter. No matter your level of expertise, Capture! gives you the ability to save your most common searches so they are only a click away.

Community Driven

Our Capture! community contributors are adding searches into Capture! as you read this. Any search saved in Capture! can be marked "private" -- for your eyes only -- or you can flag it as "public" and share it with the community.

Become a Contributor, Get Famous

Search engine expert, you are? (Think Yoda.) Capture! gives you a platform to show the world your super cool searches. These searches can be publicly shared in Capture! for anyone to like, share or comment.