by Donato Diorio, Founder & CEO, Broadlook Technologies.

So what’s with the counter?

It all started with a question I asked myself: What is the core value that Broadlook brings to the market? Customers have called us sales software, recruiting software, marketing software – but those are really secondary explanations.

Broadlook Technologies was born out of a general disdain for the drudgery of time-consuming research functions performed by recruiters. At the time, I owned a top-billing placement firm and I knew that we were wasting time doing manual work that could be automated. With the assistance of a team of developers I created a series of innovative tools that immediately impacted the bottom line of my firm. When I saw the results, I knew we could bring these tools to variety of businesses thus freeing more employees from the countless frustrating hours of Internet research that had to be completed before they could even begin their work.

So what is with the counter?

It is how we measure our success.

Each Broadlook product saves time.  For example: Contact Capture is a product that takes getting contact information from lists, documents, email signatures, and web-pages from a slow process of individually copying and pasting information into your database or CRM into a single operation that takes seconds. Done manually, this would take approximately 2 minutes. This does not seem like much, but the average sales rep inputs about 10 new contacts a day. That adds up to 20 minutes per day and 2 weeks per year.

2 weeks a year doing data-entry?  Broadlook eliminates this.

Contact Capture is the “toy” in Broadlook’s toolbox of productivity tools. Each tool has an ROI factor associated with it. For example, manually finding all the current contacts for people working at Broadlook Technologies would take about 2 hours. You would have to cross reference all the people listed on the website, results from Google searches, social media, and the wider Internet in general. Once you have organized all the data, merged the Mikes with the Michaels and Dans with the Daniels, (correctly), several hours would have passed. This entire process can be done with Profiler in about 90 seconds.

Here is the breakdown of the different products and their percentage affect on the total.

Time Savings Breakdown

From usage statistics, we know how often our products are used and how many searches are being performed.  In each case, we took a conservative estimate on the ROI.

When I look at this number, I am proud.

Due to Broadlook, millions of hours of productivity have been gained. Those hours have been reallocated to more human-centric activities, like talking to someone vs. trying to find how to contact them.

It will be interesting to watch the counter accelerate now that Broadlook has cloud-enabled many of its products for 2012.

Donato Diorio
Feb 1, 2012